Day 4 = A LOT of driving

Although day 4 started strong food and plastic consumption wise, I had to do a lot of driving. I went to Heath with two friends to buy a birthday present, but at least I was car pooling. I also had to drive to Utica twice this morning for America Reads and tutor children, but I carpooled again.

I avoided eating meat again, but like others have posted Curtis dining hall was using only plastics because the dishwasher broke So I has to use it. I also composted everyday so far, which is something new to me.

Showers have been quick and painless and the coconut oil is actually working! You just have to use a lot less then you normally would with normal conditioner.

Kinga Magiera


  1. Too bad about the driving today, but at least you carpooled so that’s a bright side! I’m also glad to hear about your luck with the coconut oil, good work! Keep it up!

  2. Good to hear the coconut oil is working!
    Oh no! Twice? Don’t think it was a hybrid was it? But other than that I’m glad to see that today was a better day over all. Like you short showers are no big deals.

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