Day 4 and “The Story of Stuff”

Hello!  I was pleasantly surprised that in my Women’s Studies class today we watched “The Story of Stuff.” I found it incredibly fitting that my class watched it during my own No Impact Week because it is a helpful reminder about my own consumption (and beyond).  (I wonder how much of an impact this video had on Colin Beaven…)  I know we discussed it in class before embarking on our NI adventure, but it is always interesting to watch that video because it really conceptualizes things for me.  For example, Annie Leonard discussed the dangers with incinerating our trash because often toxins can lead to the creation of dioxin, the most toxic man-made toxin known to man.  This fact forced me to think about how much trash I do throw away each day.  I like my granola bars, but I am then forced to throw away all of my wrappers.  Where does our trash go once it is concealed in our black trash bags?  It is most likely incinerated.  I am contributing to the creation of our toxins!  Therefore, today, I have been especially conscious about my trash because Annie Leonard comment really got to me today…

In addition to being aware of my trash, I am doing very well at sticking to my goal of only drinking water and milk this week. Although it has been hard to resist drinking Gatorade after practice and after my game on Tuesday, I have been doing pretty well!  It has been easy to stay hydrated because I always (even during Non-No Impact Weeks) carry my klean kanteen around with me.  It also stands as a reminder to myself that I do not need to purchase bottled water because I can simply fill up my own water bottle for free.  Economically and environmentally sustainable!

Day 4 has been going well.  I am working in the library again in order to conserve energy and avoid using the lights in my room.  My trash has not yet reached half of my garbage can (one of my goals!) so I am feeling great about that.  Tonight, I will have to make the conscious decision to go to Curtis for dinner – here’s hoping the dishwasher has been fixed!  If not, then Slayter it is! – Whitney

Whitney Powel


  1. Haha great name for the klean kanteen! I identify with your strife to not purchase water bottles! And i Hope you didnt go to slayter!

  2. The dishwasher has been fixed. I was able to eat there today for lunch. Whitney, like you I am constantly thinking where my trash is going and I’m happy to hear that you are becoming more conscious of your waste.

  3. I hope too, that the dishwasher has been fixed! What a bummer for you guys…especially because I could see how hard you are all trying to stick to your goals!

    Yes, I think the “story of stuff” is a powerful reminder of our waste…but also, don’t forget what we learned in class…a lot of our waste is actually buried. Still dioxins are no bueno!

    Keep up the good work!

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