Day 4 Better but not there yet!

Today I thought I had a much better day. I only had one class today and went to Curtis before. I took under a three minute shower like I have been trying to do then walked to Curtis and was able to eat mostly locally produced food without using any waste. I felt very bad about the travel last night to my game in Delaware, Ohio but there was nothing I could do! After the game like I said we had a tailgate and there was all styrofoam plates and plastic utensils. It was what I expected and it was hard for me but I was so hungary!

After class today we had the day off so I decided to go golfing. I did drive to the golf course which was ten miles down the highway so there was nothing I could really do there. I did not purchase anything and I refused to rent a cart! So I walked the course while the group in front of us took a cart. That was something that took a lot out of me but we all have to make sacrifices this week and that was one of mine even though it really shouldn’t of been. I just haven’t used a cart in a couple years so it was kind of sad at first but it was so nice out walking the course was great. I have still stuck to keeping the lights off in my room at all times and only charged my phone for two hours today! Instead of charging it all night while I slept I waited and was able to charge for about two hours and it turns out that was all I needed. You learn something every day I guess.

However, my allergies have been acting up, especially today. I had tissues in my room that I gave to someone else because I knew I would be tempted to use them but I’ve been using the rag ┬áDr. Aguilar gave me! It is getting a little gross so maybe I need to make a new one soon. For dinner I went to Curtis again instead of Slayter and gave in and ate meat. It was difficult but I could not resist. Overall a couple hiccups here and there today but I think it was a good day for me!

Michael Anastos

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