Day 4 – Big improvement

Today was a huge improvement over  yesterday, as I was able to cut down on my shower time by a minute to a little over 3 minutes, and I used no lights in the morning. I also tried to spend as much time outside today, and 1 class and the weather certainly helped out with that. I was also able to improve on my energy consumption by spending less time on my computer and in my room, since I was in the library for a few hours catching up on some online work, rather than having to use my laptop and charge it twice, which I sometimes tend to do. I do feel a bit guilty about using the elevator and having the fan on in my room right now, but I joined other people in the elevator, and I’m working in my room right now, plus it gets really really hot in here.

My meals were certainly an improvement, as I continued to eat meat only once today and I was able to find a good salad to substitute for meat, so I may try to eat that again tomorrow. However, although I tried to stay away from meat today, the chicken parm at lunch looked pretty good and I hadnt eaten all day. Despite this, I feel pretty good about my food choices today, as I ate some food that didn’t require packaging and used my own bowl, which I carry around in my backpack, at the muslim week thing on A-quad, where they had free food.

All in all, pretty good day for No Impact week. Hoping tomorrow gets even better!

Sam Wallace


  1. Wow! I’m impressed with your progress. I was hoping by this point I would be able to cut my showers down a little more too but I’m no where near 3 minutes. It is crazy how much precious water is wasted in a single shower. We are really so lucky to have drinkable and clean water to easily at our disposable.

  2. It is very good to hear that you are improving. I have noticed improvements in my environmental impacts through the week as well. I am sure that you will improve even more tomorrow during the conclusion of our No Impact Week.

  3. It seems like you have made some significant improvements this week!
    I’m glad you had the chance to enjoy the muslim food n a sustainable way. And congrats on your shower time! I can not seem to get mine that low 🙁

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