Day 4: Improvement

Today was a much better No Impact experience than yesterday when I had many commitments that did not allow me to control my impact as much as I have been this week.  Today I only had 1 class, so I was able to return to managing my waste, saving water, rationing electricity usage, and even having some free time.  Today, I was able to break the traditional busy activities and stresses of life for a period of time.  It was some ho-hum for me.  I was able to just walk down to Granville and enjoy the nice weather outside.  It really does pay to just drop everything for a brief time in your day to just enjoy the outdoors and to cut yourself off from the stresses in life.  I saw firsthand what Colin meant by discussing how Americans have lost their ho-hum.  Reincorporating this into our lives would not only decrease our environmental impact, but would also give us a moment to relax during our busy days.  Usually we all are only able to relax when we go to bed (which isn’t for very long for many of us).

In all, I am truly beginning to learn from this No Impact Week experience and the significance of it all.  Many of the aspects of Colin’s book are becoming real, both the challenges and the rewards of the No Impact Experience.  I am sure by tomorrow at the conclusion of the experience, I will have learned even more, and will take these teachings with me in life even after No Impact Week.

Alexander Sterdjevich

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  1. very thought provoking blog Alex. Yea I experienced Ho Hum too sitting on the quad leaving my phone inside, it was very relaxing!

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