Day 4…possible titles in pink

Today has been awesome…until I went to a lunch talk and completely forgot my NI kit in my office!  What to do?!  I had already avoided food at my first meeting so I wouldn’t create any waste.  But I couldn’t continue to starve myself…and the middle eastern food was catered (obviously not really local, but no meat and it looked so good).  So I had to improvise.  I made sure the cup was recyclable and I did what I could with one napkin rather than use a plate or utensils…I just ate what foods I could with my hand.  I did realize, a little too late, that I should have just asked the department hosting the event if they had a plate and fork I could use and then wash.

The point is, you really have to always be prepared when it comes to NI week…but the reason doesn’t have to do with you, it has to do with everyone else.  Very few people are thinking, “how can I create less waste” at all times…and so it us up to us…to imagine how we can do this throughout our days…especially when it seems like everything around us is an obstacle (e.g. the breakdown of the Curtis dishwasher)!  For instance, Michael asked what he could have done at the tailgate…bring your own plate, utensils and cup, bring your own reusable napkin, use your hands, etc.  You might feel weird at first, but why should you?  Why shouldn’t we be aware of what we consume…when did we decide that it is better not to think about our actions…is this what they call anti-intellectualism?!

At any rate…I could tell by yesterday’s comments that some of this was getting to be a bit of a challenge.  Hang in there…I know you can do it!  Think about the importance of being prepared, continue to challenge yourself, but also keep at it (even if you do make a couple of mistakes).  I was so ready to have the best NI day…I could let the one napkin I used today get to me…or I could try to avoid another one and still attempt to have the best NI day!  Enjoy the sun!


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