Day 4: still struggling

Today, my older sister drove to visit me and I ended up breaking a good number of my rules to spend some quality time with her. There was the fact that she needed to drive to get here, then when we ate out and drove to Target later. I thought about the impact but my older sister lives in Turkey so it’s not often that she gets to visit me at Denison. I also had a paper that I’ve been working on and charged my laptop twice.

Later on tonight I went for a late night trip to Taco Bell. It really wasn’t necessary but at least the I got two bean burritos. I didn’t want to go late at night and I didn’t really want to buy anything, but my friend made me. It’s been really hard to not get my regular chicken burritos but the bean burritos were a much better choice for no impact. I got only one packet of mild sauce because I didn’t want to use so much plastic.

Hoping tomorrow for the last day of impact that I’ll be able to finally stick with all my goals..

Aprile Doubt


  1. Good job choosing the bean burritos. You were semi-sustainable because you did not eat meat! Even though you did go on your late-night Taco Bell run, you still were able to spend time with your sister, which is important (even though it is often isolated from environmental impacts!)

  2. It’s hard to make no impact when it comes to spending quality time with family! It’s okay stay strong! I also understand how peer pressure can be hard. I sit at the dining hall watching my friends eating meat while I just pick at my salad.

  3. Even though you broke your rules I’m glad in some way you were conscious and tried being less wasteful such as using a packet less of hot sauce. Keep going strong until tomorrow!

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