Day Four. Brought my own silver ware for N/I, Concert tomorrow!

Having learned from yesterday’s experiences when the dishwasher broke down, I brought my own silverware with my all day just in case some thing like wise would happen again. Luckily I was able to use the regular silverware dining hall provided and did not produce any food waste because I made sure to take not more than I could eat.

I had orchestra rehearsal today in Swasey  in the afternoon and I was so glad that we did not turn on the lights and only used natural lights. I always make sure that the lights in my room are off when they are not necessarily needed. Surprisingly, use of natural lights actually brings peace and calmness to the surrounding area. I really enjoy the immersion of the whimsies of lights as the clouds move and block the sun during the day.

Btw orchestra performance will start tomorrow at 8:00 pm in Swasey. It’s not a long performance(should be over in less than an hour) and the two pieces that will be performed are beautiful indeed. So stop by if you would like a little classical exposure before starting a busy weekend!

Ryan Li

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  1. Ryan, good idea with the silverware. I used my collapsable bowl that I carry in my bag at the muslim week thing on A-quad, and it definitely felt better than having to rely on using something from slayter. I might come by tomorrow actually, if i’m not too busy. Good job

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