Food Failure

Yesterday was very problematic because the Curtis dining hall dishwasher was broken. The only option the dining hall had was to use plastic and paper non-reusable table-ware. Picture one of those horror movie scenes when the¬†protagonist looks for an escape, yet all the exits close the second he looks at the escape. SURROUNDED BY TRASH!!! Everywhere I turned there were paper plates, plastic cups, plastic spoons and forks, styrofoam, and WASTE. If I was going to eat, I had to dispose and waste because I wasn’t prepared with my own reusable¬†Tupperware. Bummer.

Oliver Hamilton


  1. Yep Oliver I can really relate to your situation.That’s why I brought my own silverware today just in case.

  2. Oliver, I felt the same way when I wanted into Curtis yesterday. I just had horror in my eyes when I saw all the plastic and paper being wasted and most not even recyclable!

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