No Impact Day Three = Success

First of i would like to announce that the team just got back from our lacrosse game against OWU with a victory. We now get to host i’m pretty sure all of the NCAC playoffs at home so I hope to see you all at those games. But that wasn’t the only success I had today.

Getting back to no impact week, i took Luke’s advice an now have myself a big, refillable water bottle, its nice and blue with its own straw, and really compliments my style. With that and some refraining from buying plastic water bottles, I continue to meet my goal of 0 water bottles used during no impact week! This is still the first time I have used my computer, and I took a shower at OWU for maybe 2-3 minutes. I have added another goal onto my list though. To eat less meat and try to get my protein from other sources like peanut butter, eggs, or yogurt. Today I made myself two sausage bagels, but in terms of meat that was it. I had some pasta at the tailgate after the game, and for lunch I had 3 pieces of fruit and just a sandwich with tomatoes and cheese on it… it was weird. I could never quit  entirely since it tastes so good and is good for you (i.e turkey, fish,  pork chops the lean meats) but I can try to cut back, even though no part of me wants too.

On the note of Ho-Hum, I Noticed tonight coming back from the game how many people were on their iphones or ipads. It was actually kind of funny to watch because people who sat together the entire bus ride might have said 2 or 3 sentences to each other. My dad actually just bought me an Iphone despite my protests because I was due for an upgrade and he said it was really cheap. Now that i have it the only difference i can see in myself is that I play a lot of games on it, it also helps me communicate with my high school friends via snap chat and face time a lot easier. I just need to be careful not to get completely sucked in like a lot of our peers.

Ryan Smith


  1. That’s great about the win and cool about the iPhone! I’ll be curious if you find yourself spending more time walking across using the phone or if you continue to just enjoy the “ho-hum” time of walking on such a nice day like today! Congrats also on the reusable water bottle…that’s a big step for someone who says himself that he uses a lot of plastic water bottles – that’s great!

  2. First off, congrats on the big win. That’s awesome. Just surprised that someone can spend such little time on a computer, although I think it’s different for me since I usually have a lot of online work or papers to do. And the overuse of cell phones really is dangerous, as I’ve noticed that a lot of people, including myself sometimes, tend to use their phones when they have nothing to talk about with people at the moment. Keep up the good work

  3. I incur joy in reading this triumph over plastic bottled water! I apologize for the fancy language young-sir and I look forward to hear of much more successes through the half-fortnight.

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