Thanks to the beautiful weather, today was a big success! My only class of the day was cancelled, so I slept in late enough to be able to utilize the natural light to get ready. I spent the entire day outside in the sun and have yet to flip on a light switch.

I was unsure if Curtis had fixed their dishwashers and didn’t want to be surprised by styrofoam cups and plates again so I ate both lunch and dinner in Slayter today. For lunch I got a salad and recycled the plastic container. My meal for dinner was served in a Tupperware container that is also recyclable or reusable. I also ate Sun Chips – the large bags are compostable but the packaging from the small bags is trash. My plastic utensils were also trash. The bathroom on my floor has been out of paper towels for a few days now and there is no electric hand dryer so the only option is to let your hands air dry or use your towel. This has really helped me reduce my trash because normally it is habit for me to take a paper towel or be tempted to after I wash my hands and now there aren’t any readily available so this is not even an option.

I had successfully been a vegetarian all week until tonight at dinner- I ate chicken. I just completely forgot! To make up for it, I’ve decided I will be a vegetarian Saturday too to make up for my slip today. Since it was 80 degrees and sunny I walked to Whit’s again today- I have an ice cream addiction. I got my ice cream in a cone today again to minimalize trash but my ice cream was melting so fast because of the heat it ended up dripping all over the place and making a mess. I had to grab some napkins to clean it up- unfortunately more trash.

Finally, my showers are still not down to 5 minutes, today it took me about 7 or 8. The only other way I can think to conserve water is to turn off the shower while I am shampooing and conditioning- maybe I’ll try that for tomorrow since I’m having a hard time being speedy. I had to do laundry today, which also was a lot of water consumption. And the dryer uses a lot of energy as well. I crammed as many clothes in as possible.

One more day of No Impact Week to go!

Molly Burke

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  1. Molly sounds a lot like everyones day! My only class was in the morning so I tried to be outside all day as well. Seems like every is doing so much better with the warmer weather coming in. I think there’s a correlation there. Keep it up one more day!

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