Thirsty Thusday

Today was a huge struggle for me. One of my goals was to give up all other drinks besides water and local milk. Usually I always get coffee before my 830 class.. but I didn’t today. It was really hard to stay awake and alert. I am getting really bored with water. But it is fulfilling to know that I was able to make my goal.

I also convinced my roommate to get ready in the dark today. It was kind of fun. However, I was disappointed when I returned to my room later and found that she had all three dorm room lights on.. it really bothered me.

I ate in Curtis today for lunch and dinner so I didn’t create the usual trash that I do when I eat in Slayter. I even got some of the lacrosse girls to go to Curtis with me instead.

Because it was another beautiful day, i spent a lot of time outside! I am really loving the weather, it makes NI week a lot easier.

My shower was a little over 5 minutes, so I’m getting better and closer to meeting my goal.

I am now doing homework in the library to reduce my individual energy consumption!!

Overall, it was a pretty no- impact kind of day!

One day left!

Allyson Clark


  1. I disagree, one can never get bored with water. I’m actually in the library conserving energy right now! Keep up the good work!

  2. It is good to hear that you are close to meeting your goals. We are all facing diverse challenges this week, and you did well to overcome it and choose not to get coffee even though it was difficult. The weather definitely does make it easier as we do not need to spend as much time indoors. I was also able to take advantage of the outdoors today and further reduce my impact.

  3. Good for you to get your roommate on board! That’s awesome. And we missed you at Slayter…. I ended up not getting a side to my Meal X so at least I made a little less waste than usual (right..?!!)

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