Who Cares About Trash?

Today was a good day. I have been sticking pretty close to my goals and things are falling into habit. It is not that hard for me to say away from Slayter, Granville restaurants and Whit’s.  Granted, if the Curtis dining hall dishwasher does not break down again.  Avoiding these places, has allowed me to cut back on my waste, which is not a lot to begin with. One of my goals is to have less than half a bag of trash and so far so good. I’ve had very little trash, especially when we were told to collect our trash last week I had very little because I am already trying to lead a low impact lifestyle.

I went to Curtis for lunch and I was disappointed to see a mess on the floor by the salad bar.  I just thought how all the spinach, lettuce, and egg would just go to waste in the garbage can. Then it got me wondering do the workers at the salad and sandwich line compost the vegetables that are not consumed? And why must they cut of the bottom tips of the lettuce and throw them into the trash? Is it because people don’t like to eat that part of it? So to please them we should dispose of it? Oh how convenient. Why not compost instead? At least that way the worms and bacteria will be more grateful and efficient.

I am always just so stunned at how students can be so wasteful on this campus and I’m sure on others as well. Many people do not care about disposing of things properly and find it bothersome to recycle and compost. I am constantly seeing plastic bottles, cans, paper in trashcans all around campus!  It is truly disheartening to see this is the attitude college students have.

Hastea Darabian


  1. I think the problem is that its a habit for us to throw stuff away instead of taking the time to compost, as many of us dont compost at home and there are always trash cans laying around, rather then recycling bins or compost buckets. I even saw a pair of pants in the trash of the bathroom today! No idea why, but they seemed fine to me, plus there is also the clothing drive going on. Hopefully people begin to think more about where their waste goes, as it just seems like people sometimes don’t really care at all. I too think it would be interesting to talk with Curtis about where their old food goes

  2. Reducing waste is a very effective way to reduce carbon footprint, good job for pointing that out. We need to spread awareness in our peers because students as the majority on campus can make a huge difference when we change our habits. I would like to find out what do Curtis do with all of its compost, too.

  3. I have also wondered the same questions as you. Especially whether the Curtis dinning hall employees compost and recycle at all. But I am very impressed with your low impact lifestyle good job for that. And good luck with your small trash accumulation this week, sounds like it is going well so far!

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