Why did you throw that away??

Hello all!

Started off the day with quite a bang, awoken by my roommate who threw the lights on this morning. To much of my dismay he immediately cut the lights. Little did I know I was nearly late for class with all of you.

Then upon entering Curtis, I hear cries of “Why did you throw that away??” A worker had thrown away a┬ávery re-usable workers glove. Then that leads into the use of paper plates and plastic cups! What a disappointment for a NI’r like myself. I quickly ate my meal and composted my waste and hurried my self over to class!

Classes went as usual with a little electrical increase of course evals in two of my classes! I was in buildings for little time today other than A-quad and my lights are off in my room as I type.

Food consumption stayed much lower with the additions of salad substitutions for every meal.

Water consumption continues to drop, I think I’m really starting to hit my prime shower time!

Plastic consumption and waste generation significantly increased due the witness of a worker throwing away a workers glove, the use of plastics cups for everyone and the use of paper plates as well!

Overall, quite the day of disappoints with Sodexo’s mishaps and my own trials and tribulations! Coupled with slight achievements of the day, I would consider Day 3, slightly above average!

See ya, Friday!

Luke Romick

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