4th day

Today was probably the worst out of the other days consumption/waste wise. I wasted things that were not necessary. Also there were things I had no control and had to consume. For instance, I was on the computer longer than what I promised since I had to use the computers for work. For one of my side projects I used new paper to create posters. I just realized that the lights did not have to be on since this was during the afternoon when the sun was out. The markers I used to make the posters were paint markers and sharpies. I don’t think that they’re toxic but some sort of chemicals were exposed. I was inevitably breathing in the sharpie while drawing, which is probably not healthy.

For food I had brunch in curtis and the options were limited of course. I limited the amount of plates I used but putting as much as I could on 1 plate. I had meal x for dinner due to time and workload. In slayter, I noticed that the deli line gives a plate and tissue paper on top of it. I refused the paper plate and had the deli maker just wrap it to-go. I never really got the logic covering the plates with tissue paper when the plates itself can hold the food fine. Downside is that I got soup, which I ended up wasting more paper. I also used plastic utensils since I ate in slayer.

Today was definitely a challenge since it was hectic and I was on-the-go most of the time. Again this is when efficiency and sustainability somewhat clash. It is difficult to find the healthy balance just like Colin mentions in his book.

Shower time: still at 9 min… I can’t go below 9 so I am going to ¬†accept it since I’ve beaten my goal of 10mins.

Sarah Ko

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  1. I feel your pain. It’s the worst when you have a busy day and there’s no option but to get simply to go or eat at slayter. Unless we carry our own food at all times, but that’s difficult too. Hopefully, when I go home over the summer, I will be more environmentally conscious.

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