Another no impact birthday!

As I mentioned in class, the last day is usually the hardest for me…but so far so good!  I have only generated a tiny piece of paper towel as waste (oh and the back of a sheet of stickers…but they were given to me).  I am also planning on riding my bike to the local brewey (only 5.5 miles on bike) so that should be fun….I just hope it warms up.  So, it might not sound like an ideal birthday, but it is sure a time to reflect on all that I have, rather than what I don’t have.

For instance, I have so much that I can actually choose not to use it…I can actually choose to consume less…and this makes me feel really lucky!

I also love that I have so many friends that support me during this week by offering local goodies and treats (home made bread and fresh picked flowers!).  It reminds me how important community is.  For example,  I went to the souploft for lunch.  I took my own container and napkin, which Kevin (owner) happily filled and used.  I’m so happy that I know my local business owners and that I’ve been able to develop relationships with them.

Again, just reiterating what I stated in class, but I hope you have been able to take a step back from your normal, busy life this week to re-evaluate what you value.  I have really been able to reflect on this for my last few birthdays (as they always fall during NI week) and it is probably one of the best gifts I can give myself.  And, I hope that you recognize that any small change you make is still change!  Thanks for coming along this no impact journey with me!



  1. I always enjoy keeping up on your posts and seeing the dynamic you bring with having your own house, yet your own struggles. I think owning your own house and being able to have these types of food options greatly increases your chance to consume less harmfully to the environment! Good work this week and happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Doc. Also, glad to hear that local companies in Granville and hopefully Newark/Heath are willing to be sustainable. I know that Sparta Cafe is doing the same stuff, and that the owner is in love with the Going Green idea. He even told me some ideas of his on how to make his company and the nearby communities more eco-friendly. Really glad we did this project. Definitely made me reflect on how much energy we consume daily, and I’m finding new ways to become more green, which I hope my family might do also. Thanks!

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