Day 5, Finally

wow props to colin for going the whole year going no impact. I could barely go five days.

Today started off normal, instead I was extra careful today I took a 30 second shower to just wake up and managed to brush my teeth while drying off. Saved a lot of water. I did not use the water fountain at all and that is why I am parched writing this. I got some Slayter before my 830 class and recycled and composted my banana. Then at class my allergies acted up and I had to leave to go get some rest (lights off of course).

The worst thing I did all week was use my computer and cell phone constantly talking to my parents since they were concerned about my illness and using my computer to type an 8 page sociology anthropology paper. I tried not to charge it but it took me awhile so I had to keep it charged eventually.

I drove today to Chipotle. Sorry! At least the meat is locally grown though. Other then that I plan on finishing my homework and study a little tonight and get to bed early.

Pat Foley


  1. Colin is amazing. But he was also in the prime position with his job, location, ect to do it. Good job this week.

  2. Pat I hope you feel better. Use of electricity can be inevitable for us as students. You have done a good job for consciously conserving in ways you can. Also, I do believe natural light is truly beautiful and we don’t appreciate it enough in our daily life. Maybe it’s because being a photographer I tend to pay more attention to these things but still, that is our alternative for electricity in that regard.

  3. I disagree with Chipotle…. it is way too spicy and bad for you, but i also can’t believe Colin went an entire year! unbelievable!

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