Day 5: The Final Countdown

The end of this NI week is sight!  This week has been an eye-opening, challenging, and thought-provoking experience.  I really enjoyed class today because I liked hearing about my other classmates’ experiences, struggles, feats, and insights.  If I were Colin, I would have had a tough time doing this because, besides his wife and daughter, he was pretty much doing this alone.  Had this NI been assigned to only one person in our class, it would have been much harder because they person would not have had the support I witnessed and experienced this week.  I don’t think I could maintain this NI lifestyle alone, so I give Colin a lot of credit.

As for my own impact today, I am currently in a public space and therefore not using my own electricity in my room.  I have been getting better each day about studying and spending time in common spaces in order to avoid using the electricity in my room.  In my shower this morning, I turned off the water while shampooing and conditioning my hair to conserve more.  Pat’s post reminded me that I could brush my teeth in the shower, but I did not remember until I was already in the shower…maybe next week?!

I have avoided all liquids except for water and milk (one of my goals!) and it was not as hard as I thought.  Perhaps I will continue this into the future…?  I do admit that passing up on Gatorade at lacrosse has been pretty hard.  I hopped in a car today (oops!) to drive to River Road, but other than that, my car emissions have been 0 this week!  Today was a great day for my NI week and I look forward to seeing what habits will come back tomorrow when our NI experience comes to a close. – Whitney

Whitney Powel


  1. Yea sticking with milk and water actually felt better than drinking juice and coffee, since its not as healthy, although I did struggle with not being able to drink tea, as it is one my favorite things. And I agree with your statement on doing this alone. It definitely helps to have other people do it with us, as we don’t feel so weird doing it and we know that other people are trying to do the same stuff while also struggling. Just wish more people did it, especially at Denison

  2. Whitney, I am glad you went with water and milk this week. I sometimes passes me that it can be hard for others to give up different drinks. I actually don’t drink anything but milk and water. I haven’t had a Gatorade in years since 6th grade!

  3. Great point about people around you. I really wanted to bring that up today and totally forgot. But there is a reason I have us blog about the experience…it is so we develop a sense of community and support around our challenge. I think this is so important…as you noticed! Great job this week!

  4. Wow! I’m impressed that you stuck to milk and water all week! That’s great! It sounds like you did really well this week and took a lot out of it! I also have been thinking about how Colin was able to resist the temptation to consume in NYC with so many people around him consuming. It’s tougher than you’d think… even here at Denison

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