Day 5 – Water problems

Today started out pretty well, as I did not shower since I woke up about 5 minutes before class (sorry Doc). I noticed how rough it was to go for a few days without an alarm clock in college, since we need to wake up at specific times to get to class. Because I woke up so late I was allowed me to save water, so thats a plus. I was also able to avoid all meat today, as I substituted beans for chicken in my stir fry, and had a veggie burger at the spring festival, so I’m pretty proud of going mostly vegetarian this past week. This is also one of the only times I’ve been on my computer all day, which actually feels really great, although I did spend a lot of time watching TV, but that was to follow the manhunt for one of the Boston Marathon bombers.

The main problem I ran into today was water consumption. While I did not shower this morning, I finally caved in and did laundry, as I’m pretty much out of clothes. I decided to save some water though by not washing everything, meaning fewer loads, so that way I can do some more laundry when I get home, since we only have a few days left in school and I use more eco-friendly washers at home. The other problem I ran into today was with shaving. However, I decided to use my water cup for my razor, so that way I wouldn’t have to turn the faucet on and off so much. The only problem I had was that it took me much longer than usual.

I was also a bit annoyed by the amount of waste was created at the spring festival. Although I understand that the UPC may not have a say in it, I was pretty concerned that they had plastic utensils and napkins wrapped in plastic wrappers. Despite this, I feel like the event went really well and was a lot of fun.

The week, in conclusion, was a lot harder than I expected, mainly because I had a hard time avoiding energy consumption a few times, especially since my room gets really hot, so my roommate and I like to use a fan, and because I tend to have a lot of online work, which requires that I charge my computer 1 or 2 times a day. I think the project was a lot of fun though, and I am going to try to stick to many of the same goals for the rest of the semester.

Sam Wallace

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  1. Impressive stuff. Going vegetarian for a week is something you should be proud of. I didn’t go to the UPC event but I heard some great stuff about it. Water consumption is hard to stay away from, I managed to not do my laundry which might make me do more loads next time but I had to try. Looks like you managed to have a productive week, congrats!

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