Day 5: What now?

Today is day 5 of No Impact week, and it just does not feel right to go back to my old ways and being wasteful. This week has made me more aware of how unsustainable our lifestyles actually are. therefore, I’m going o try my best to keep some habits from this week alive. For instance, I try to reduce you plastic container usage and avoid one-time use containers. Also, I learned I have no need for lights in the morning .

As for this morning, although it was cloudy and rainy I still managed to get dressed and ready without any lights being turned on.

Since today is Aestavalia that means dining halls will be closed for dinner and most of the food will be served on plastic and paper, which is upsetting.

Overall, this week was a great hands-on learning experience and made what we are learning in class come alive. I have no regrets of trying to make less impact on the environment.

Kinga Magiera


  1. Aestavalia was really fun and interesting but I also wish they could’ve found a way to create less waste. I saw a ton of paper and plastic waste which was a hard way to end the week. Overall nice job Kinga!

  2. Way to have some perspective on this. You are right though, I should talk about the “now what” aspect of this project. Colin addresses it at the very end, but it is so different when you are actually doing it. My advice: hold on to what you can for as long as you can! good luck!

  3. I completely agree with you too. This week was an intense eye opener and a learning experience. I hope I can carry forward these habits in the future as well.
    Also, I think I will bring my own utensils for Aestavalia, and I’ll try to convince my friends too. So that’s something.

  4. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I also think that I will maintain a lot of my habits that I have developed throughout the week in the future. Now I feel like I am much more aware of my consumption habits which will be beneficial in the future.

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