Final Day!

So far today has been going pretty well. I minimized my waste in Slayter this morning. I got ready in about 10 minutes this morning and only had a light on for 5 of those minutes. My shower was only 3 minutes long this morning, which is a record for me!

I am going to eat lunch in Curtis and my goal is to avoid meat, compost any waste that I have and drink only water.

Unfortunately for dinner tonight I have to drive to Easton. I would normally opt out of this, but it is one of my best friends birthday dinners and I promised her I would go. Luckily we will be carpooling there with about 5 people in the car. Also, because we are going to a sit down restaurant there will not be much trash and waste because we will be eating with cloth napkins and reusable plates and bowls. Unfortunately though, P.F. Changs usually involves some meat so I am going to try and look into some vegetarian dishes!

This week has made me realize how unhealthy some of my habits have become. Especially when looking at the amount of meat that I consume and my electricity consumption habits. I have realized I need to unplug things when not in use. Before this week I would rarely do this. And I need to stop spending so much time on the computer and on my phone and enjoy my friends company, and do more things outside and with other people than by myself in my room with my computer. I have learned to appreciate more through this no impact week.

Kate Wright


  1. I faced the same issue! It’s so hard to weigh sustainability and the ability to spend time with friends and family at the same time. While Colin saw benefits from slowing down and enjoying his No Impact Lifestyle, this week I have struggled some trying to push my friends into eating at Curtis or not eating out. Here at Denison where we are all so busy it’s hard to break up the flow of things when your friends have night classes and want to go to Slayter before for dinner or something. Have fun with your friends tonight and enjoy PF Changs!

  2. I think it is ok to make an exception for one of your best friends birthday dinner! after all like colin said this project wasnt made to cause pain and give up all pleasures you must progress in moderation. Great job with the rest of your energy consumption!

  3. Kate – great job with the shower! That’s impressive. You should go to North Star at Easton (if PF Changs is crowded!) because it has great, healthy, and local food so you don’t have to feel bad about your impact of driving to Easton by eating sustainably!

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