Final Day.

I cant believe today is the last day of No Impact Week. Even though there were some ups and downs throughout the week, all in all, it was a learning experience. I am really glad we did this challenge because I don’t think I would have done something similar otherwise and would never have known just how much I actually consume without even thinking about it. This makes me appreciate Colins journey  as No Impact Man a hundred times more.

So far, today’s been a good day. Barely used any light, haven’t showered yet and ate at curtis. Although I could not completely stop eating meat, I have definitely reduced it to once a day and sometimes even every two days. Unfortunately, I am driving to an animal shelter today but there will be a few of us so it’s slightly better.  I really hope I am mindful of my consumption even after this week is over. This week made me re-evaluate a lot of my habits, and I really want to continue on this path of consuming less.

Deepshri Mathur

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  1. I agree that is was such a great learning experience and it makes me appreciate colin’s efforts. no impact week was so much harder than expect and to think colin did it for a whole year is unreal! this week made me aware of all the little things we can do to consume less and conserve more.

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