Get a hold of yourself, Hastea!

God! Why must chocolate be so deliciously wonderful and bad at the same time?!?! It is torture!

Egads! I am so mad at myself! Everyone at the Admission’s office knows how much of a chocolate lover I am so when I stopped by today, Molly, who works the front desk, restocked her candy bowl just for me. She told me to wait and that she was going to get out chocolate for me. And as you may have guessed…I caved! I had a couple of little Crunch eggs, three to be exact, and no mas! I needed to show restraint and not overindulge. I ate my little eggs shamelessly that it didn’t even taste yummy. Great! I produced trash and was not even remotely satisfied with my chocolate.

This is a cruel world. I am always feeling guilty about my actions because I am constantly thinking about the impact I make, where my stuff comes from, the environmental and social exploitation, the ecological and carbon footprint, it is never ending.  So because of my actions today I am angry with myself. I could have done better.  Overall though, I think this week went well despite minor mishaps hear and there. I have learned a lot and realized I could always do a little more lessen my impact.

Hastea Darabian


  1. That is tough, but as long as you know and it is in the back of your mind then you learned from this week and were productive! It was hard for all of us but in the end I think we all benefitted by just being able to think about everything we do.

  2. What is so bad about eating chocolate again? I remember reading about it in the book, but what about producing it causes a lot of waste? Or were you just referring to the packaging?

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