Its a hot spring evening and you are still cooling off from a day of catching some sun. The sun has set, but that sweat hasn’t quite gone away. Youre not going to turn on the ac because its actually really nice to be hot for a change. But there is something you are unknowingly craving.

When your buddy walks in the warm room and says, “see you later guys, were driving to Whit’s.” Your craving comes to fruition and all you can think about is how excellent that ice cream or rootbeer-float will be, knowing that you’ll have to reneg on some commitments you already made in the past because you’ll be driving and disposing of plastic utensils.

That was me. It was concerning that the guilt aspect of wasting fit into the indulgence of eating the ice cream and made it that much better. Maybe because I knew I BETTER enjoy it because I was the rules. Waste aside, it was delish.

Oliver Hamilton

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