Last Day!

Last day of “No Impact” week! I have yet to shower today so my water consumption is not as high as usual. The fourth floor of Slayter had the most adorable animals tonight: hedgehogs, a chinchilla, baby guinea pigs and even a kangaroo-so adorable! I kept going back again and again to see the animals so I had to wash my hands a lot, which increased my water consumption.

As for food consumption, my day was packed and I had to grab simply to go which is a lot of packaging. I tried to recycle as much as possible. Dinner was also a struggle because the dining hall was closed and the only option on campus was Slayter. They were serving food on paper plates with plastic cups and plastic utensil packages. This was frustrating because it was ultimately beyond my control due to the lack of other options and my only way to avoid it was to go without dinner. The most frustrating thing was that the utensils were plastic and then additionally they were wrapped in plastic- it seemed so unnecessary! Most people didn’t even use their plastic knife and spoon so they because trash before they were even used!

I did not drive in a car today or eat meat! The week as a whole has been pretty successful! I definitely had to think twice about my actions and constantly remind myself to lessen my impact because I am so used to consuming without thinking about all the waste I am creating. I will definitely be more aware in the future and try to continue my goals as much as possible!

Molly Burke

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