Last Day!

I can’t believe the week is almost over. It’s flown by and I learned a whole lot. Today I tried to do my best to not have an impact. First this morning I woke up early before my 8: 30 class and got Curtis. It is was hard to wake up but the extra five minutes I didn’t sleep was worth it for today and I even got my shower to 2 minutes instead of three. I tried to do my best and not eat meat. I ate eggs and had a glass of water with no waste except for one napkin which was better than before! I then had class and since it was raining and gloomy out my teacher kept the lights on even though I requested to turn them off. I understood.

After my first three classes I went to lunch in Curtis and got rice and beef because I knew the beef is locally produced. Only used one napkin again so I was proud of myself. I then went back to my room and slept until practice ( i was very tired). I charged my phone when I was napping and only charged it for three hours! It’s better than charging it all night, just a little something I learned this week. My computer as well I have not been using regularly and that was a challenge but I was able to overcome it. After practice I decided to walk into town to get food. Knowing Curtis was closed, I went to Brews with a couple guys from my team. I ordered a sandwich and made sure there was no waste. Even though I didn’t eat locally I thought I would treat myself after I made the walk down to school. I have a game tomorrow night so I plan on getting some rest and going to sleep early tonight. In conclusion it was a good week and I learned a lot about myself and I think I did pretty well and I plan on keeping some of the same routines I had before and hopefully include some of my friends to reduce waste.

Michael Anastos


  1. Well done this week! I did not think you could last especially after day 1. Good job eating the local beef. Also i wish i would have charged my phone during the day rather then when I was going to sleep it would have cut down a lot of energy.

  2. It sounds like you did well on your last day of NI week. It is also a good thing how you are conscience of your decisions (not creating waste if you don’t eat locally or eating locally even if you are forced to create some waste). I think we all have learned a lot this week and will hopefully take some of these things with us after NI week.

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