Last day – What exactly is sustainability?

So far within the hour I have been awake  I have been doing well. I usually straighten my hair in the morning due to bed head but today I did not. I do not do much in the morning since this is the time where I am the most sustainable compared to my other times throughout the days.

As I naturally reflect back and also what I’ve been pondering about for a really long time is being conflicted and knowing exactly what is to live sustainably. I noticed that in the book Colin lived a year without toilet paper or completed the project with no electricity. He also mentioned something about modern medicine. I guess being sustainable can be defined in many ways. I interpret it being environmentally cautious and trying to live with the world given to us and not exploit it such as reducing our consumption but not completely eliminating it. I believe that we should take advantage of what we invented. For instance electricity. There is a reason why we invented electricity in the 19th century so that we can live our lives more conveniently without relying on candles. The invention of electricity also led us to a booming economy since we were able to increase our production. There is also a reason why we invented elevators/escalators so that people who are disabled or senior citizens can have access to the same places as everyone else (I’m not saying elevators are good but when it comes to 10+ floors and you’re in a rush this may be the fastest option).

Why is it so bad to take advantage of what we invented? We spent the time to invent and figure out better ways to make our lives more convenient then why must we revert back? The answer to this may be that we’re harming the environment in the sense that our new inventions lead to an increase in pollution and waste. But as long as we reduce or limit the amount we consume we should be fine.

Sarah Ko


  1. Good job skipping your normal morning routine, way to commit through the last day of the week!
    Also, I think you make some really interesting points when talking about living sustainably. You have some interesting thoughts about being environmentally cautious and I agree with a good number of your points. Although I disagree with your comment about taking advantage of what you invented, because I think a lot of people misuse things in the wrong ways. You are looking at things in a positive way but realistically people take elevators to the second or third floors whether or not they are actually in need of them.

  2. I’m glad to hear you stayed clear of straightening your hair today! not like it would make a difference due to the rain today.

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