the end is near!

I have to admit this week was much harder than i expected and today was probably my worst day yet. the only goals that i followed all five days was not eating meat, only walking around campus and into town and not having the water running when washing my face and brushing my teeth. so out of my 12 goals i only successful completed 4. however i have to keep in mind that i only broke my goals once or twice throughout the entire week. this just shows we are people of habit and it takes more than a week to break these habits. overall i was pretty happy with my ability to consume less and conserve more.

today kind of put everything into perspective. i woke up with 20 plus texts from my family and friends in the boston area explaining everything that was going on with the bombing and search for the men responsible for these terrible things going on in Boston. now i think of myself as a very environmentally friendly person and almost always think of environmental issues as being one of the largest problems of the world. However when my friends and family could be in serious danger from everything happening in my area i immediately forgot about the no impact week and the environment. i used my lights, was on my phone with my parents, sister and friends a large majority of the day, was constantly checking news online and watching the tv for any further information.  this just shows that although environmental problems are very serious and pressing there are always issues in the news and in the world that are portrayed as more important and attract much more publicity.

Francesca Gentile


  1. Today was also my worst. I also found it very hard to be sustainable this week when none of my friends were participating in NI week. My thoughts are with your family and everyone in the Boston area.

  2. It is hard to consider that we we are doing is for the environment when the world around us seems to be falling apart…but we can also try to look at it as doing something to keep the world around us from falling apart. just a thought. I’m sure today was hard for you. Sending good thoughts to your fam, friends and all of Boston…

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