The Final Countdown

Hello All!

I greet you with the terrific news that at 8:43 p.m. the Boston PD has successfully captured the second suspect in the Boston Bombings and he is still alive. Watching this unfold live on television has been quite the usage of electricity. I do not feel bad for this because I had to stay glued to the television!

Everything else went great today in terms of lowered consumption. I had my second day in a row of no plastic consumption! Woot Woot!

I had a significant drop in water usage today as well, which I was pretty pleased about. In terms of food consumption, I only ate meat for one meal! I finally substituted protein into my diet through other methods.

It’s essentially the final countdown until we can return to our “normal” lives. But I think I’m going to keep this conscientious attitude as I progress throughout my life! It will lessen the burdens I have on the environment!

Overall, a terrific day! See you guys Monday!

Luke Romick

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  1. Yey for no plastic waste again! It is considerably hard to do when many products we rely on come in some form of wrappings. I’m glad you have adopted a conscious attitude after participating in NI week, It really makes you think differently about alot of things. I know that I feel guilty now after i through away items.

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