Final Day. Great dinner, not so green!

I went to the kangaroo patting snake cuddling festival tonight in Slayter and it was a lot of fun! However, all the food wares are all made of plastics. But, that did not stop me from giving my No impact week a grand finale. I brought my own fork and knife (it’s already become a habit) and therefore I did not have to use the plastics that they provided. Also, I did not use my phone (at all) the entire day and just left it in my room.. it was fine! I felt less distracted and more focused on what nature has to offer and the beauty of face to face interactions.

I spent my entire afternoon playing music. At rehearsal, we played a baroque piece. With the scenery ┬áright outside of the practice room, I had a connection with the baroque lifestyle: people who lived back then did not have the modern luxury that we do today but they found beauty in arts and nature. Even though we shouldn’t go too extreme on one spectrum, it is still reasonable to look back and reflect: we have yet to conquer a lot of problems in the society(injustice, poverty, equality etc.), the solution that we believe firmly is the development of technology. We as humans should learn from our ancestors, to find beauty in nature and t0 promote harmony of coexistence between society and nature should really be taken into account.

Throughout this week, I have experienced both happiness and frustration. I have learned that sometimes it’s not entirely about what I know, it’s about what I am willing to try even if it means to step out of my comfort zone; by comfort zone, I mean literally “comfort” zone. I am ready to take on that challenge and embark on a journey of less/no impact.

Ryan Li

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  1. You’ve made such great progress! Congrats. Maybe some of your new habits will linger long after NI week

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