Finally Done

What a week that was. It was extremely difficult, but also rewarding.

Today I did a pretty good job and hace completed many of my goals!

I did not buy any new items! Instead of buying a new dress for formal, I borrowed a friends! Saved me some money too!

I did not create as much waste as I usually do! I didn’t use cotton balls to wash my face, or do my nails. I also only drank out of a reusable cup. Only a few times did I eat in Slayter, so i created less waste than usual.

I did not drive anywhere either! (Neglecting car pool situations for lacrosse and getting to the formal)

I didn’t eat meat this week! Like usual. I composted all the food the I could and also ate as much local as I could.

I didn’t use my fans, I unplugged all items in my room when I was not using them, and I did homework in the library to save personal energy consumption.

Showering was hard. I got it to 5:15, a little above my goal of 5 minutes.

And I plan to give back next week!

Today specifically was pretty good until the evening. I got ready for class in the dark and then went to my classes without eating my usual poptart. After class, I stole Hastea’s idea and got a sandwich from Slater wrapped in napkins. I worked in the roost and then went to lacrosse. Straight from lacrosse I had to get ready for formal quick. So I didn’t shower (saved water!), but I did need to turn on the lights. We piled on a bus and traveled about 30 minutes (I don’t know the milage). I made the most of the free food at the event. Upon returning home, i went straight to bed! Not a bad last day!

Allyson Clark

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