First day with the Flashlight

Well it’s the middle to end of day one and after a conversation with Dr. Aguilar after class I’m feeling much more confident about everything. My No Impact week is really going to be a minimal impact week for me, there are somethings in my life I just can’t make no impact. Such as going to see my horse, which I’m planning on doing and bringing my homework with me to make my trip to the barn longer and make use of the natural light, besides after 10 days of not seeing him I’m really looking forward to the extra time with him today.

I’ve started cutting down waste (I’m aiming for like 5 pieces of trash, 3 of which will probably be wrapper less gum because I switched with this project in mind, by later in the week), but the only waste I’ve produced so far as been like 5 pieces of gum and then a couple of food wrappers because my diet is kinda crazy and I haven’t figured out a way to make it completely waste free at least at school. But I am aiming to make a point to eat a meal in the dining hall daily to prevent that from being a meal in my room, it might even improve social relationships with people that I don’t normally take the time to eat with because I need the eating time to be work or meeting time.

I’ve also unplugged everything but my refrigerator and my laptop and cell phone chargers. Though my chargers are plugged into a power strip which I’m only plugging in when needed, which considering the only outlets in my room are behind my desk is kind of a challenge. But it’s cool I’ve got a hand powered flashlight that’s in the shape of a tiger! So that’s what I’ve been using when I’ve needed a little additional light and I’m in my room by myself. Though I admit I was awake before dawn today and used my energy efficient desk lamp until my roommate woke up and turned on the lights, which I turned off when she left for classes.

But I’m thinking about things and feeling guilty even if I know it’s how I need to at least start my NI week. So I guess we’ll see how the rest of this week goes.

Oh because I know y'all wanted to see my super cool flashlight!

Oh because I know y’all wanted to see my super cool flashlight!



  1. Yeah I chewed some gum today too and I realized before taking a piece out that the rapper creates trash, as well as the gum I guess. Kinda small compared to other trash, but that kind of thinking has led to a lot of environmental problems we see today (on a larger scale of corse). I’m liking the flashlight, I use the one on my phone to see in the dark instead of the lights in my room. It is convenient and I don’t need to use another device. I don’t know if your phone has one, but you seem pretty happy with the one you got.

  2. Seems to be going well. Maybe if there are other Denison students with horses at the same location you guys can set up a carpool to be a little more eco friendly

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