A Piece of Cake

During break I dedicated my time to family and staying school-free as much as possible. This was great until Sunday night when I realized that my week was going to start off all wrong. So much homework!¬†When the clock hit 12am, I realized I couldn’t use my Keurig anymore. That beautiful machine my parents gave me before leaving. It was now useless. The more tired I got, the less I wanted to be in a no-impact project. After a long night, I went to Curtis for some coffee to start the day off right. Nope. Time to go back to my room and make some Starbucks cause I’m not about this coffee.

So after wasting two plastic cups and realizing I was no better than No Impact Man’s first morning, I tried to finish my day by being a good samaritan. I walked to and from class like my normal schedule asks me to do. When the time came for breakfast, I went to Curtis. It was two napkins into my messy bowl of cereal when I realized I was making trash again. This was my second strike so I attempted to use less electricity than normal, avoid buying a snack at Slayter, and would finish my night with a mighty fast shower. I unplugged my electronics and went all day without a snack. When the time came for a shower, I successfully finished in about 3 minutes.

With day one at it’s last few hours, the next week seems like a piece of cake.


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  1. I know how you feel, it was like right off the bat I did things without thinking because they were just part of my normal routine. Luckily for you, the napkins in the dining halls are compostable!
    When I was out of my room I found it difficult to complete some tasks, but back in the dorm I was able to unplug, too.
    Keep up the good work, hopefully it is a piece of cake for ya!

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