And so it begins…

Hey guys,

I have had just a great Day 1 of No Impact Week. I’ve discovered that my environmental impact will be quite minimal if I continue to sleep through my morning shower and breakfast, like I did today. Oops. I also discovered that instead of doing homework after class in my room with the lights off, I just took naps instead. And just woke up. I’m gonna blame it on the mono…

I was so ready for No Impact Week during Thanksgiving break, I even took my parents to a winter farmer’s market! My dad was way too into the alpaca hats, as my mom shoved countless squash into my pockets and her purse. It was quite the event. Little did I realize that coming back and making absolutely no impact on the environment would be pretty hard.

One of my main goals of NI Week was to stop snacking between dining hall meals (which are often subpar, in my opinion..), therefore cutting down on processed foods and foods that are not local. I’m still questioning why I thought that was a good idea. It’s slowly killing me.

Other than that, Day 1 has been a peach. I’m looking forward to the week and the challenges it holds. Although I am already envisioning my impending doom…I have a horrible addiction to post-it notes. I’ll keep you guys posted on that one (haha get it..)

Good luck to everyone!




  1. I wish I had the time to take a nap that would definitely help lower my energy consumption. And I feel like napping could almost be considered “ho-hum” time (well maybe). Not snacking between meals can be hard, but it will definitely cut down on the amount of trash you will produce if your eating “packaged goods”.

  2. I’m so glad that the common trend has been for naps after class. . . I don’t have mono to blame and I didn’t quite get there but it’s totally in the plans! Snacking between meals (mostly because I don’t eat meals) is hard not to do, but I know you can do it, and it’s gonna have to kill me before it kills you!

    Then with regards to your post it note addiction I feel ya. I’ve got 14 different colored regular sized ones and a handful of other sizes. Today though I know it’s not the least impactful as I do have to charge them but I downloaded color note for my phone and then used stickies on my mac as well as the headings of my notes for little reminders and things. I hope some or any of those help you!

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