Day 1

Even though it is only day one, the beginning of day one seems to be going well for me. I had a few things in mind to reduce my impact that I thought of in class before break, as well as during break. The holidays seem to be a time where a lot of trash and other waste is created (from food, drinks, napkins, paper towels, treys and packaging from Thanksgiving food, ect.) and seeing this made me feel more obligated to do my best this week, as I certainly contributed to this waste.

I want to stop eating processed and packaged foods as well as avoiding meat (since it uses a good amount of water and energy). I want to avoid buying drinks from Slayter and drink only water as well as coffee as needed. I also want to reduce my shower time and use cooler water when I do.

I normally would do some grocery shopping before coming back to school, even if it is for only a few weeks, and with exams coming up I feel like I eat more junk food. I bought fruits to bring back to school instead like apples, oranges and bananas because even though these may not be local, they do not get processed and packaged like other foods do, and therefore produce only compostable trash or food for other animals.

Today I took a shorter shower than I normally would in the morning. I used about room temperature water (maybe a little warmer) instead of warm or hot water. This actually made my skin feel better and less dry upon getting out as well as waking me up more than usual. Normally I would get a burrito or sandwich from Slayter for breakfast with meat, which I did today without meat this time. The next four days I am going to stick to fruit for breakfast instead. As you guys might see, I normally like to have orange juice or a naked smoothie in the morning too, but I avoided that today and stuck to water and coffee. I have unplugged all electronics I am not currently using and have kept the lights off in my room. The only thing plugged in my room right now is my fridge and I will use my laptop and phone chargers as needed.

I think the hardest thing this week will be limiting my trash output, but I am committed to being more conscious of what I am using and choosing reusable items instead of disposable ones. Even though it is early on, I think I can still do better than what I have done today.

Will Smith


  1. Will you have actually inspired me to add to my shower goal by taking a colder shower every day. I think jumping into some cold water tomorrow morning will definitely wake me up, like you mentioned with your post.

  2. I feel tempted to go shopping too its nice to have some extra food in your room in case you need it but that can create a lot of trash so I am holding off. Maybe I will have to snag a banana or an apple from curtis to keep in my room for emergencies

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