Day 1: My car and coffee are out to get the planet

When I woke up and realized that I basically need to keep track of everything I eat, throw away, and plug in, it started out as a breeze. I started with a shorter and cooler shower than usual, though I’m still working towards my 5 minute goal. I got ready with no lights on and turned off the water when I brushed my teeth, but there was a slight problem… I was still at my house.

I was trying to avoid traffic last night, so I saved the 45 minute drive to Denison for this morning. Sadly, my Mustang isn’t the most eco-friendly. With no way around this situation, I drove to school trying to avoid any over-accelerating. On the plus side, I didn’t let my car idle and defrost like I always had before driving in high school. Instead I just dealt with my frozen car, so that’s an improvement, right….?

I knew I had to make up for my wasteful drive back to campus, so I kept all of my appliances unplugged, as they were over break, while unpacking and getting ready for class. I also avoided my beloved keurig and got coffee in my refillable cup at Slayter. Surprisingly, that’s where things went downhill. I ended up spilling said coffee all over my lap during my first class. This lead to the use of multiple paper towels and soaking my shirt in my sink when I got out of class. ¬†Fortunately, I brought back from break laundry detergent that was completely organic and biodegradable.

As far as eating goes, it’s hard to tell where everything came from. I tried eating mostly raw (A LOT of fruit and salad), with hopes that it saves some energy and could be local.

Hopefully day two will be better and I won’t be as clumsy with my coffee.

Melissa Zarate

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  1. Yeah, I ate a lot of fruit and veggies too. I think a lot of people were having difficulties deciding what food to eat. As for the transportation, I felt pretty bad having my dad come drop me off on campus (and then drive back by himself), but I honestly do not think that I could do what Beavan does and limit how many times I see my family to two or three times a year. That is too much for me.

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