Day 1: Reduced Consumption

Well, day one of No Impact Week is just about over. Similarly to some of my classmates, I am trying to make my changes one step at a time. Today I focused on reducing my consumption. My day started at 5:10 am when I woke up for my morning swim workout. Since I didn’t have any fresh food, I found myself reaching for a granola bar which I had brought from home. I specifically didn’t go out and buy anymore yesterday to prevent myself from being tempted. However, I was not off to a great start. Rather than throw the wrapper away, like I would have done any other day, I remembered that we have a terra-cycling bin in Slayter for granola and candy bar wrappers, as well as chip bags. After eating that guilt bar, I set the wrapper on my desk, grabbed by refillable water bottle and swim bag and headed out of my dorm. On the way down to the pool, I found myself planning out my day, specifically, how I could consume less.

After practice I took a quick 2 minute shower in the locker room. It certainly wasn’t the most satisfying shower, but it did the trick. I then rushed up to my room to change and head over to breakfast. Before I left my room to head to breakfast I also thought about how I could reduce my use of paper towels and tissues. After digging around, I found an unused wash cloth which I had completely forgotten about. As of now it is making a very effective towel to dry my hands after I have washed them. Thankfully I haven’t needed to blow my nose because I do not have a handkerchief and I would like to keep that and my towel separate if possible.

At lunch, after sitting down with my plates of food, I grabbed a napkin from the conveniently placed holder without even thinking about it. Only after did I use it to wipe up some pizza grease did I realize my mistake. Feeling disappointed, I left the dining hall with a banana and an apple in hopes of reducing my demand for granola bars.

Overall, I can say that so far today I haven’t purchased any products and both the napkins and granola bar wrapper are in my backpack awaiting the compost pile or the terra-cycling process.

Looking forward to the second day of No Impact Week and another early morning…


Nathan Thorne

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  1. I’ve noticed that the terra-cycle bins seem to be getting some usage, which is definitely awesome. And I also stocked up on some fresh fruit from the dining hall in an effort to not rely on the packaged stuff sitting in my room. It’ll be a tough battle, but we got this.

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