Day 1: The power of a hot shower

Day one has been not as hard as I thought. I usually sleep with my fan on every night to block out the sounds of dorm room living but I sacrificed my peaceful sleep last night and unplugged it. I slept completely fine, so this has made me realize I don’t actually need it. I made sure all my plugs were only plugged in if I used them.

After AM practice I returned to my room and didn’t turn the lights on the whole time I was getting ready for class! Unfortunately there is no way I can give up my Keurig this week…..5am practices and no coffee is a recipe for disaster.

After night practice I tried to take a shorter shower, but it is VERY HARD to not soak in the hot water after being in a freezing pool for 2 hours. Tomorrow I will try to shorten it to 6 minutes.

So far I think I have done very well and can’t wait to see what challenges I will face tomorrow.

Mary Van Leuven


  1. I am in the same boat with early morning workouts… I understand that staying awake during the day is definitely the hardest part (it sure is for me!). I have turned to coffee before, but now I work on planning my time carefully and making sure I get a good nights rest before an early morning. The results can be quite rewarding! During the day I find that I am less tired and actually enjoy not having the caffeine pulsing through my veins. It also means that I have more money in my pocket which is always good, especially for a college student!

  2. How did you do with producing waste? I really struggled with that because everything I eat is packaged food! And it sounds like you did a much better job than I with managing your energy use. I totally forgot it was the first day of no impact week and wasted a lot of energy with plugs being plugged in all the time and always being in a lit room. I think it’s very impressive that even on the first day you were already prepared and on top of it with everything unplugged!

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