Day 1:Bittersweet

My goal this week is to eat less meat and take shorter showers. However, the first goal proved to be a challenge when I ordered vegetarian stir fry at Huffman for lunch. I thought I made my order clear but when I received my order, I suppose the chef misheard me and added beef to the stir fry. I could have asked him to remake the order, but I decided not to. If I had asked for another order, I could have had an vegetarian meal. However, if he does make another order, the chef would be consuming extra energy just to make another order. Furthermore, the new order would have meant two plates of food, which I might not have been able to finish. This would lead to food wastage. From this I learned that I should pay more attention when ordering to avoid potential misunderstandings.┬áMy second goal of a shorter shower was more successful. To accomplish this, I decided to try and complete my shower within the time it takes to play approximately three songs. I feel that the plan worked well as my third song, Oasis’ Wonderwall , ended. In the end I enjoyed the shower and realized I could keep doing this for the rest of the week.

Chen Yang