Day One: Rookie Mistakes

Day One has mostly been all right. I woke up and it was sunny, so I put my solar powered water bottle by the window. I plugged in my coffee maker (I unplugged everything last night), and made coffee that I’m positive isn’t local, but that I am deeming a necessity. I was annoyed to find that I already made two pieces of trash within 30 minutes of waking up. My toothpaste bottle and the tag I forgot to cut off of my new jeans. I ate a bagel for breakfast, so no trash there. I accidentally turned my computer on to read some news on NPR before I went to class. It’s a daily habit, but I robbed myself of some ho-hum time to just sit and eat my bagel.

I had lunch with Chen at Huffman, so I wouldn’t be throwing away any packaging. My friend made a good point today when I told him about it, though. What about the packaging that the dining halls use when they prepare food? How much is there of that?

I’ve struggled with not having any pop I have in my fridge or chocolate that my roommate and I always have a stash of. I actually unplugged my fridge, since there isn’t anything in there that really needs to be cold. Sometimes there is, but right now it is just making the Dr. Pepper that I can’t drink cold, so.. Fridge is off. I am currently all unplugged, and I am sitting in a completely dark room now. My solar bottle will be able to give me some light, but I’m not sure for how long. I’m going to need to get out of this room anyway, if I plan to not go insane this week. Maybe I’ll take a walk or bother one of my friends so that I can sit in a lighted room.

I was going for a 5 minute shower today, because I felt like that was a good starting time. I actually beat it and probably had a minute where I could’ve gotten out but I didn’t. It was so warm, and Shorney hasn’t been using very much heat for the dorm rooms lately. 4 minutes will be my goal for tomorrow.

I know that my biggest struggle will be not watching any movies or TV shows. I’m a huge film lover, so I’ll definitely be going to Slayter when they have movie showings on Wednesdays and Fridays, but I’m going to try my best to stay off Netflix and Hulu. I am really angry at myself for not watching Homeland last night while I still had the chance..



  1. I feel your pain on the TV/movie woes. My roommate loves watching TV and I usually find myself just watching along, and I’m hoping that doesn’t become too tempting. I like the idea to go to the Slayter films though! Also, I want to know where you got that solar bottle.

  2. I’m intrigued by this solar powered water bottle…..never heard of one! Good for you for getting your shower time down…..that is what I am going to struggle with the most for sure. I feel your pain on the no tv thing. I watch netflix and hulu almost everyday. Guess we will just have to save them for next week!

  3. No Netflix for a week is going to kill me too, hopefully it will just force me to get more work done! Your solar water bottle sounds really cool, a week ago I probably would have gone out and gotten one for myself too but after our talk today in class and after reading No Impact Man I would feel too guilty knowing that I have one that works just sitting here on my desk. Hedonic treadmill at it’s finest…

  4. Sounds like a good start (even though there we slight struggles). I’m definitely interested in hearing about the campus movies as I will also get tired of sitting in my dark house! However, I think you were on to something….spending time with friends is something that students tend to find they have more time for during NI Week. For instance, I had more time to chat with a store owner today than usual. In fact, I usually don’t even have time to go downtown. I also sat and chatted with some friends after a meeting because I wasn’t in any hurry to come home to a dark house! It was good.
    As for the packaging at the dining halls. Of course it exists, but consider the packaging of that food compared to the packaging of individually wrapped food. There is a lot of give and take when it comes to food decisions…you will have to decide what you think is most important.

  5. It was great reading your submission for Day 1. Wish I could be as ‘no-impact’ as you, with your solar bottle and extra quick showers. Good job, Audrey!

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