Day One trouble with the roomies

Personally I think my first day at the no impact is going quite well, but thats not the same for my roommates.  I have two and they like to play music throughout the day and keep the lights on.  I am going to continue to turn the music and lights off when I catch them not paying attention.

Other than that most of my goals have been a success.  I woke up and took a short shower.  I have been conscious of turning off lights and faucets, although I am guilty of absent mindedly pushing the handicap button so the door would open itself for me.  My goal for this week above all is to stay on campus and not to eat fast food even if someone offers to pick it up for me.  This might be hard as late study nights become more frequent.

My use of electricity shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I got a bunch of reading material for this week.  My attention will be diverted to eating less meat, so hopefully the meatloaf for lunch was it for me today, and little packaged food.  I have produced two items of trash today so I will try to cut down the rest of the day.

Stay Strong people,

Rory McGinnis

Rory McGinnis


  1. I just realized that I used the handicap button to let the door open itself for me a lot and I did not conceive it as wasting of energy. Definitely need to work on this for the rest of the week. Thanks!

  2. I love the fact that your harassing your roommates with this project as well. My roommate walked in on me writing my blog post in the dark, it’s interesting how dark our room can get even with both blinds open, but still I’m doing my best to try and keep my music off let alone hers! I forget how many different directions I feel like I need my brain to be pulled in to focus on my reading material. I’m working on it though, I’ll probably be headed to the library to have some white noise.

    I also liked your ending. Stay strong!

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