No Impact Week: Day #1

Day one started and I immediately  put my phone in a plastic bag and set a stop watch for five minutes and hopped into the shower. This started as a great idea, but after being in a warm bed all night it was hard to get myself to turn off the hot water to endure the cold back to my room. So the shower may have lasted more like seven or eight minutes. Not too bad for my first time timing my shower.

Next I was off to the dinning hall and, having not eaten since the night before, I was eager to get some food. one of my goals for the week was to eat at Huffman as much as possible. In the past i normally go out to get food a least three times a week. Not a great habit but Huffman does get old. I had already decided that cutting out meat was not going to be possible for me seeing as I need as much protein as possible with football lifts four times a week. Although I still want to eat meat, most of Huffman’s meat is local and grass fed with makes it a little better.

I have a pretty bad addiction to coffee and most of the time I wait in line like everyone else in Slayter and get the paper cut, and the lid, and the sleeve, and a wooden stirring stick. Not this time! I planned ahead over the break I bought a reusable coffee mug. Not only is it convenient, but it also keeps the coffee hotter for longer that the silly paper ones.

Lunch and dinner I ate at Huffman again and resisted the urge to eat at Chipotle or Jimmy Johns or various other fast food establishments. Up until this point in the day I can produces little trash until I got back to my room and decided to procrastinate by doing a little house keeping. I ended up throwing away various pieces of trash I found lying around my room like gum and candy wrappers that were left from the previous night. All together I only ended up throwing away about 8 little pieces of trash which is a large reduction from a normal day.

Pretty conservative day until my roommate decided that trip to Walmart was desperately needed. Although I gave in a decided to go, four of us carpooled together reducing the amount of potential driving. While I was there I bought a larger container of peanut butter and jelly and a loaf of bread while resisting the many other items calling my name.

Looking back on day one, I drastically cut back from a typical day. Looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the week, I want to make a greater effort to reduce the amount of time I have have various electrical devices plugged in and do work in common areas so that I am not using the lights in my room just for me. Challenge accepted!

Cameron Kahl

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