No trash, No Meat, No problem

The day started off great. I woke up and started my daily routine. However I began to notice my daily routine was not as green as it could be. As I got out of bed I went to go turn on the lights in my room. I quickly caught myself, and realized there was no need to turn them on, I was only going to be in my room for a few short minutes. I got dressed, brushed my teeth quickly (turning the faucet off while doing so) and then proceeded to go to breakfast. I didn’t eat much for breakfast, I just had some cereal with milk and my coffee.

After breakfast I went to my morning classes (so far without creating any trash) while sitting in our environmental class and re-reading my goals for the week I came to the realization that the biggest impact I really have is how much meat I eat. I do not really spend much time in the shower,  I do not own a car, and the majority of the time I spend in my room the lights are off. So for this week I will be trying my best to be a vegetarian. Which that might have been a bad idea, because afterwards I went back to curtis to grab lunch with my friends, and while standing in curtis I could not seem to remember the last time I had a salad. It was not awful but I now see why I have not eaten a salad in around ten years, meat is amazing.

Overall I think that I will be able to handle no meat and no trash if I make the conscious effort. I have unplugged my television and all of my electronic devices and plan on only charging my computer when it is about to die, instead of leaving it charging all the time. I have not showered yet today but I plan on doing so after dinner, and I plan on timing myself and I will post that time tomorrow.

Stay Classy,

Seth Brody

Seth Brody


  1. I, too, thought about meat as a potential problem for No Impact Week and decided to cut it entirely for the week. But, I used to be a vegetarian and I don’t really eat much meat anyway, so it was not a hard sacrifice for me to make. I am also impressed with your ability to keep all your electronics plugged in. I use mine all the time so it would be a hassle for me to have to plug in my printer or my desk lamp or my pencil sharpener every time I wish to use them. So, I have been unable to make myself unplug all those things!

  2. I agree with the not consuming meat problem. I think that might be the one part of my life that I don’t think I can change. I can definitely try to consume grass fed and local, but cutting out meat all together might not be possible.

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