So far so good

First I have got to say that when I went home and told my family about stuff we have learned and this No Impact week, my parents and four siblings all started to call me a “hipster.” I kept denying it and they said, “that’s what a hipster would say.” I will continue to deny the title, but I will not stop suggesting environmental practices to them. Like I told my dad to stop buying water bottles and paper plates because he LOVES to save money. I could tell that my mom and oldest sister are the most skeptical of change, my other older sister was all for it, and my younger siblings are still weighing their options. I only pester them because they are my family and they have to listen to my rants every once in a blue moon.

Anyway, back to No Impact Week: Day #1. Well today was not too too bad. I got ready this morning having just enough light from the lamppost outside my window to not hit my hip on the corner of the desks.

I turned on the lights in the bathroom to shower however, but my shower experience was crazy! I was just too amazed with myself. The water was on for only about two and a half minutes total because I only turned it on to rinse off stuff.

After showering, I had a banana for breakfast and of course, I do not have a pile of dirt and worms in my room to compost. I threw it in the trash after much thought, but I came to the conclusion that it would be composting anyway (just in a landfill instead). That stupid banana peel continued to confuse me throughout the day though.

I do not like to spend money either, so I do not buy packaged food for my room or from Slayter, so eating at the dining halls for lunch and dinner was pretty easy (I just had a lot of fruits and vegetables).

The rest of the day was uneventful, I just studied in different buildings on campus. I mean that is probably what it will be like for me the rest of the semester because of exams, so I will have a grand ole time with that!