Soooo tired

Day 1: The good and bad

I’ll start with the bad: I am struggling to stay awake right now and it is only 3:30pm!  I feel like I need to hold open my eyelids to complete this blog (I’m only slightly exaggerating).  I did not realize how much my daily morning ritual of caffeine has affected my physical body.  Because my tea was produced locally through local herbs (thanks to Blue Owl Emporium and the Going Green Store), there was no caffeine!  And now, I’m struggling!  I also usually have another dose of caffeine in the afternoon in the form of a coke (completely unsustainable)….and have given that up as well.  One thing that this project always reminds me of is the amount of chemicals that go into my body through the food I eat or drink and the products I use.

This is one of the reasons I decided to forgo my usual moisturizer and hair product and substitute coconut oil for both.  Again, coconut oil is not completely sustainable, but it was fair trade and organic….and at least I know what is in it, and thus what is on my skin/hair. Interestingly, even though it seemed expensive to buy some local food products for this week, this one seems well worth the cost.  I think a medium sized jar will last a while and I can use it in place of at least three beauty products that I use frequently, which will save me money in the long run.  Still, I might end up smelling like a coconut.

On to the good: Because I am avoiding any extraneous use of the computer, I ended up questioning what to do in my office immediately after class.  Normally, I would read emails for a while and think of emails to send.  I might check Facebook and I would definitely check the news.  But today, I actually gave myself “ho-hum” time.  I walked to Alfie’s to buy some vegetarian dishes in compostable containers; I got to talk to Sam, the owner, for a bit; I was able to eat my lunch in peace and quiet (which felt less unsettling than my breakfast); and I even caught up on some reading before I came back to my office.  Even as I write this though, I realize that I was afraid to take too much “ho-hum” time for fear of being labeled as a slacker.  The guilt we place upon ourselves for not being busy at every moment should really be re-examined!

Off to a meeting….I’m going to have to get coffee if I want to survive it!



  1. I’m impressed with your use of coconut oil. I always had heard that it is good for your skin and hair, but the only thing I ever did with it is use it as a sub for oil in brownies (which is delicious by the way). Personally, I think shampoo, conditioner, etc, are one of my biggest problems. I may go to the going green store if you think it’s been working. Also, I’m super jealous that you have a dog for “ho-hum” time, it must be fantastic.

  2. I feel your pain, Dr. Aguilar. I was never a huge coffee drinker until this semester and now I feel like I cannot go without it and still be productive in the morning. Over break I found myself tired in the afternoon because I was not drinking it. I was thinking about “ho-hum” time today in class, and I thought back to when I would play with my dogs when I was younger. It was good break from work and technology, and they always want the attention too! I always found that to be a good “ho-hum” thing to do. You’re lucky to have one. Hope he is doing well.

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