Well, to be perfectly honest, I kept forgetting that today was the first day of No Impact Week. So, I began my No Impact Week with a luxurious twenty minute shower.

Then I proceeded to eat a yogurt, producing an empty yogurt cup, a napkin I hardly even used, and a plastic spoon to add to my pile of garbage for the day. Throughout the rest of the day, I continued to accidentally eat packaged foods, so by the end of the day, I produced a lot of garbage. I don’t think I ever thought about how much I was wasting before. (Although, I think that was partly because I didn’t consider the packaging as actual waste before, since it isn’t really useful for much of anything at all!)

I also went grocery shopping today with my roommate Katherine. When we were making our purchases at the store it occurred to us that we should use reusable bags, but when we asked the clerk about them, he said they didn’t sell them anymore. So I walked out of the grocery store with the knowledge of how epically I, too, was failing at this project.¬†And then I went to Slayter and got dinner, their paper to-go-boxesfurther adding to my trash for the day.

I also wasted a lot of energy– especially because of the use of my mini-fridge. I spent a lot of my day in lit rooms and I had my computer plugged in all afternoon while I watched movies on it! With all of that energy combined with the energy used to make my food, I ended up consuming a lot.

I can tell this is going to be a serious challenge for me.

Marguerite Fall


  1. Making changes to our every day lifestyles can be quite difficult. In regards to the shower, I’m usually in a rush anyway so mine never end up being very long. I recommend playing a song that you like and when it is over, time to get out! It may also be helpful to try and resist the desire to let your mind wander. Go into the shower with a set goal of getting clean and getting out. Hope this helps!

    P.S. Have you tried the yogurt at Huffman?

  2. I know how hard it is. You really don’t know how much you waste until you stop and pay attention to what you’re consuming. Tomorrow I’m gonna set up an alarm and have it remind me that it’s NI week day #2. Hopefully this gives you an idea to do something to remind you. Stay strong and ecofriendly

  3. It’s a struggle for sure. I kept using napkins and forgetting that I can’t throw them away. Rough stuff, man. I’m going to write No Impact Week on my hand so I have to see it every time I pick something up. You could try that if you’re really forgetting.

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