This Could Become A Habit. No Impact Week: Day 1

To prepare for no impact week, I’ve tried to limit my consumption and wastage for the past few days. Seeing that my daily life has not been altered by cautious and responsible consumption was the first good sign.
My room does not have a TV or a fridge, and my fan is unplugged. So the only appliances that will ever be in use for the following week and probably for the rest of the year are my chargers for my laptop and phone, and the room lighting.


I usually plug in my phone and laptop, to charge all night so I wake up with a 100% charge on both devices.
I charged my devices a couple of hours before sleeping and then removed them before going to sleep. I woke up with a 97% battery on my phone. This was my first realization.

I got out of  bed and took a timed shower, that lasted no longer than Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven (8 minutes). (To all those people on Shorney 4th floor that don’t like Led Zepp, I feel sorry for you.)

For breakfast, I usually eat eggs and a grilled cheese and meat sandwich. I questioned my daily consumption of meat and the use of toasters and grills, for several minutes everyday and chose to eat a non-toasted vegetable sandwich along with milk and cereal. I avoided wastage of food.

After a long day of classes, I went back to my room. I put off the lights my roommate had kept on even though he was napping. I decided to take a nap as well.  I skipped lunch, so I was really hungry for dinner. I ate pizza and drank chocolate milk. I’m not a smart person when it comes to eating choices, I know.

I produced no trash today as I did not consume any packaged items. Surprisingly, I didn’t eat any meat today. Neither have I headed to slayter for a fancy meal. I feel good about this day. I don’t know how long this dedication will last, but I hope it does.

Stay green, folks.

Ridhim Seth.

Ridhim Seth


  1. Nice work so far! It’s good to see someone having a productive first day! I felt like a failure. Hopefully things will get even better from here! I think you’re off to a great start, especially compared to me.
    ps- nice choice with Led Zeppelin

  2. I appreciate that you committed to eat less meat this week because that is one of my goals for the no impact week too. And you accomplished this goal quite well today. OMG, no meat? A hugh commitment, friend! Hope you can keep consuming less meat and staying green for the rest of the week.

  3. Good job on not producing any trash. It might be easier because your eating at the dining halls which I recommend most people do. I also did not charge my phone last night. I woke up with around 50% battery and it was a little strange.

  4. Yeah, charging my phone and laptop before going to bed is a really good idea. Leaving them charging for 6-8 hours during the night isn’t necessary, when you think about it. And wow man, no meat? That’s awesome too. Bravo. Even without a solar water bottle, you’re doing quite well, my friend!

  5. I also really like the no trash aspect of your day Ridhim. Since we are neighbors and share that same goal, we could even try to help each other with that as the week goes on. I think if we both check in with each other, we could push each other to go the whole week without using much trash.

  6. Good point about charging your phone before you go to bed. I did not even think to do that? I guess it has become such a habit to plug my my phone and laptop in overnight and wakeup with 100%. Also, I don’t know how you went the whole day without producing any trash. That is definitely one of my goals for the week.

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