This Should Be Easy….

Day 1 for me actually went mostly without a hitch. If it stays like this, I feel like I should be able to fulfill all of my goals by the end of the week.

So far, the hardest aspect has been trying to eat more organic and local foods. While breakfast was pretty simple, dinner at Huffman was a different story. Not many of the foods are labeled as organic there, and Huffman does have some pretty good pizza, which can be tough for me to resist. Asking the staff what is organic and what is not would definitely help, and it is something I should do in the future.

Limiting my electricity use was also a bit of a challenge for me. While I managed to keep my room lights off all day, I have a nasty habit of leaving appliances that I don’t use plugged in. Already I’ve left my fully charged computer and phone plugged in, and I have left my pencil sharpener plugged in since morning. This is a habit I’m going to need to eliminate if I am to accomplish my goal. Leaving the T.V. off actually proved to be pretty easy today, but that could definitely change.

The goal that actually proved to be surprisingly easy was the short shower. I actually limited myself to 2 minutes instead of my usual 5-7 minutes, and I used less water when I brushed my teeth. I wonder if I could actually manage to bring the shower time down even further as the week goes on.

Other than that, I was able to accomplish pretty much every other goal today. I wasn’t tempted to drive anywhere today, but that could definitely be one of my goals that I do violate further down the road if I’m not careful.

While day 1 was easy, I know it’s going to get a lot tougher as the week moves on, and I need to be prepared for what’s about to hit me.



  1. Great job on cutting short on the electricity usage and water consumption. You seem to be doing very well for the first day. Hope you’re able to keep it up, sir.

  2. I agree that it is very difficult to eat in the dining halls, not everything is labelled and like you said the non-organic food such as the pizza is very hard to resist. I am very impressed by your 2 minute shower….that will be my biggest struggle in the week to come!

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