Alright. Today was worse.

I felt bad because I had to drive to Big Brothers Big Sisters about 15 minutes away. I take two other girls, so I guess I helping people carpool to volunteer is alright. I just don’t know where the line should be drawn. I shouldn’t give up seeing my Little just so I don’t have to drive, right?

Lunch was an improvement because the people at Slayter let me use my own Tuperware to get a salad. Pat on the back for me. But…I did not have my own fork so I have been carrying around this plastic fork thinking about what to do with that. On top of that, I did not know whether or not all the ingredients were local or not (probably not since I didn’t have an egg/cheese/bread/preserves/any other of the limited local winter food in the salad). Speaking of which, if you only limited yourself to local winter food that seems to be pretty unhealthy.

Also, is it bad that I drink a lot of water? Can you drink too much?

I had a KIND granola bar (a brand in Slayter that has ingredients that you can pronounce) and Terracycled the wrapper, so fingers crossed that that was acceptable.

One good thing today for sure was that I was aware of everything I was doing today. I even wondered if I should skip using toilet paper, but who was I kidding. Sue me, but toilet paper is here to stay.

That is pretty much my day so far. Just issues with food. Later today will be pretty low key because I just need to study the night away.



  1. If you can drink to much water I’m in trouble I only drink water and have over 100 oz a day sooooooo pretty sure you’ll be fine! I’d also say that because you were participating in giving back to the community and carpooling the driving is fine.

  2. Well it’s good that your still trying to recycle, as for water i wouldn’t worry about over drinking it just polluting or wasting it. Try carrying a fork in your tupperware so you don’t have to use a plastic one again. And keep yourself healthy!

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