Cold Showers Are Awful

As the title of this post might indicate, I am severely questioning my decision to up my ante on my shorter shower goal. While my shower was again limited to 2 minutes, those might as well have been the worst 2 minutes of my day. That water was freezing, especially since I had just rolled out of my warm bed. On the bright side, the cold water did shock me awake, so I wasn’t as groggy as I usually am in the morning.

On a much brighter side, keeping my lights off has proved to be possibly the easiest goal. It also helps that I am spending a lot of time out of my dorm room, so I can just keep them off all day. Doing my homework in the library has also helped me in succeeding at this goal. In addition to this, I also charged my phone before hand and then kept it with me all day, so that was definitely a plus. The plugged in computer is still proving to be a work in progress though.

Finding the local and organic was also a bit easier today, because I mostly ate at Curtis. Asking the dining hall staff which food was organic was also an awesome idea, and proved to be helpful in planning out my day.

The most surprising goal that I achieved today was the fact that I had no trash. This has not been the case lately, but I was very careful about not acquiring any disposable items and keeping myself out of situations where I might be tempted to do so. I also resisted the temptation to drive into town and chose to walk to CVS instead, which was great for me.

Overall, day 2 was another step in the right direction. If I can manage to unplug my computer and continue to achieve these goals, I should have a successful no impact week. But then again, no one knows how the rest of the week might unfold.



  1. It’s pretty respectable to have taken a cold shower for the sake of this project. That too in under two minutes. And, you didn’t produce any trash. You seem to be cruising through this project. Well done!

  2. Why are you taking cold showers? Just use hot water and turn the water off while you wash your hair or whatever. It’s so much easier, and just as good.

  3. I don’t know how you were able to get your shower under 2 minutes. I am struggling with getting mine under 5 minutes

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